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5 Nights at Kasey's is 9 part Special, of 6 Girl Pups that are part of the PAW Patrol, and is the Puptatonix. The 6 Pups are: Kasey, Rosey, Bella,Skye, Brownie and Snow Flake. They get possessed by 6 Evil Spirit Pups during the day in Part 1. And at night time they fall under the Evil Spirit Pup's Control to try to get Revenge way back into the Past. The Boys ( Ryder, Marshall,Rubble, Chase, Rocky, and Zuma ), must Log their Behavior, Stay alive, and Find the Cure all at the Same time. But when the Boys get closer and Closer at finding the Cure the Evil Spirit Pups Get more Angered and Possesses the girls more and more.                                                  

( There Will Be Singing In The Parts )                                                                                                    


Five Night's At Kasey's : Part 1: The Possessing

Five Night's At Kasey's : Part 2 : The First Strike

Five Night's At Kasey's : Part 3 : Locked Up

Part 4: The First Night On The Night

Part 5: The Close Call

Part 6: Bust Out !

Part 7: Lookout Lockdown !

Part 8: No Where To Hide

Part 9: The Un-Possessing/Happily Ever After

Songs In This 7 Part Special

You Can't Escape Me

Welcome to Kasey's

Can You Survive

Join Us For A Bite

I Got No Time - ( Only The Boys Sings This Song )

Left Behind

Break My Mind

Just Gold

Five Nights At Kasey's Theme Song

We Don't Bite

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