Belle Is Just a Normal Singer and Possessed Pup On 5 Night's At kasey's. She Follows Snow Flake's And Kasey's Rules and Directions very Well. But she dose give them idea's For their Plans.

5 Night's At kasey's Edit

Belle Is a normal Possessed Pup. Her Boss Is Kasey and Her second Pup is SnowFlake. She is One of The Pups that Does the Vocal Cord For The Power Outage With Skye, and Rosie. When ever it Reaches to 12AM she is the third One to get Posessed After SnowFlake, and Kasey. and before Rosie. She always Appears in the Right Door every 40 Minutes.

Puptatonix Edit

Belle has the second most important Singing Octive Cord behind SnowFlake. Whenever they need a Trumpet for a Song their Singing in the Choir, She is the One To Play The Trumpet. She wears a Yellow Gem Necklace when she Receives one from Rubble.

CatchPhrases Edit


  • We're Going To Rock The Show !
  • Let's Get To Singing !
  • This is Puptacular !

5 Night's At Kasey's :

  • I Don't Like This !
  • I Want Out !
  • ( Possessed ) - I See You Guys, You Better let me in !
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