Brownie Is A Normal Possessed Pup, and a Normal Pup in the Puptatonix, But has The 2nd Highest Octave in the Puptatonix.

5 Night's At Kasey's Edit

Brownie Is Just a Normal Possessed Pup in the Group. Whenever it reaches 12AM She is The 3rd to Be Possessed Behind Skye. She always Appears At the Right door every 12-23 Minutes at A Time. Princess also wears her Diamond/Gem Necklace But also has another Light-Purple Gem Necklace Received By/From Zuma.

Puptatonix Edit

Brownie has the 2nd Highest Singing Chior Octave the the Puptatonix. She Sometimes wears a Purple, Pink, Blue, Or Light-Yellow Dress if Any Of the Other Girl Pups are wearing them. In " Pups And The Christmas Concert ", Princess has the Highest Octave in The Song The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies than the other Pups. She Practices Every Day with the Girls A lot.

Apperance Edit

Brownie Is A Light-Brown Chocolate Labrador Pup, with Purple Eyes, And Normally Wears a Collar with a Gem on it. But just for special Occurences, Like Preforming as The Puptatonix, She Wears a Light-Purple Gem Necklace From Zuma. ( That Was Mentioned In " 5 Night's At Kasey's ).

Catch Phrases Edit

5 Night's At Kasey's -

  • ( Possessed ): You Can Run But You Can't Hide !
  • ( Possessed ): Let Me In !
  • (* Sighs *) - I Don't Like Doing That But ... We Have To

Puptatonix :

  • ( Screeches In Excitement ) - I Can't Wait, I'm So Excited !
  • What Are we waiting For Let's Warm-Up Girls !
  • Let's Make Some Music !
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