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After the Puptatonix goof up a crime to catch an old man they retire to relaxing until a boy gets Ace smitten then it's Scooby-Doo time

Script Edit

(We open on a Spooky mall a man is running from Ryder Katie Ace Danny Carlos and the rest)

Ryder:Up there!

(They go to toy store)

Carlos:I think he went into the toy store!

Tracker:Come on vominous!

(Danny and Rubble spot pretzels)

Danny:Give us a sec.

(Inside they think of a plan)

Kasey:Howbout we booby trap the doorway?

Ryder:Good idea Browine Snowflake Bella take that side Kasey Skye the other.

(They do as instructed)

(The gang go to a teddy bear the man falls down and runs away)

(Danny and Rubble are in the doorway eating Pretzels Danny yells Zoinks and he crashes into them sliding on the balls)

(The Sheriff and owner are there the man has a pretzel around his wrist)

Ace:Now will find out who old Farmer Morgan really is.

(Tries pulling on his head he grunts as she struggles to pull off what she thinks is a mask)

Katie:Let me try.

(Does it again)

Morgan:Stop that! That's my face!

Danny:Looks like this ghost went a little over board with the spirit gum.

(Rubble laughs about this)

Carlos:I don't understand.

Ryder:Yeah if it's not a mask that means he's......

(Sheriff helps the man up)

Sheriff:The real Farmer Morgan.

(The gang gasp in surprise about this)

Katie:But that doesn't make sense. Farmer Morgan is selling the mall half his farm land fir this big expansion!

Ace:If it goes out of business he'll lose millions!

Danny:So why does he wanna shut this place down?

Sheriff:He doesn't. Morgan didn't stage the mall haunting. (Morgan nods back and fourth the Sheriff then says)Mrs Malvo, the owner did.

Mrs.Malvo:And I would have gotten away with it too if you had left the meddling to these kids.

Katie:Then why was he running away.

Morgan:I'm afraid of teenagers!

(The gang were shocked)

Ryder:Wait a second. You mean we were wrong?

Carlos:And another thing. We're ten year olds.

Sheriff:The term is criminally negligent. And it doesn't matter weather you're ten or not.


Ace:But we're the good guys!

Sheriff:Like Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc gang you kids need to be careful.

Danny:You're giving us a warning?

Sheriff:No. You're through. There's no room for mistakes and if someone like Morgan here presses charges you're looking at serious jail time.

Danny:Like gulp.

Sheriff:THere's just too much as it is. This is no place for slip ups to happen.

(Malvo escapes)

Carlos:She's getting away!

(Sheriff tranquilizes her with a dart then blows on the gun and puts it away)

Sheriff:It's over kids. From now on there's only one mystery crime solver in this town. And one junior detective club who visits lots of times. And the adult crime stopper wears a badge also this cool hat. Let me make it absolutely clear. It I ever do see you driving that Mystery Patroller one more mile I'm putting ya away. In Juvenile detention. (As he stops by the pups)Also we do have a leash law in this town so yeah thanks.

(As the pups look offended by this Farmer Morgan and the Sheriff go off from each other ways leaving the Puptatonix with a lot on their minds we black out and fade to the next day in town where they have a yard sale Ranger reads The Babbling News with the headline saying MYSTERY PATROL DEBUNKED)

Ranger:That's not fair that Zack and his friends have to be forced to retire.

Ashley:I'm sure they're as upset as you are Ranger.

Ranger:You're dang right. I solve mysteries with them sometimes.

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