Evil Spirit Pup 1 is a Protagonist of The Puptatonix and the PAW Patrol. In Part 1 he Possess Kasey. He is A Male.

Bio Edit

Evil Spirt Pup 1 is a Male, And The Leader/ Boss of the Dark Spirt Shadow Clan. His job is to Possess or Hypnosis Pups or Humans. He has a Brother named Spike that has the Powers to Eating off of Love from Girl Pups by Making them Fall in love with him.

Personality Edit

Evil Spirit Pup 1 can get Very impatient a lot, Especially from Evil Spirit Pup 4 Which is Very Clumsy, and not so Smart/ Bright. In Part 1, on Evil Spirit Pup 1 called Evil Spirit Pup 4 Dumb, Idiot, And Not so Smart. But when he comes up with a Plan and People or Pups Spoils His Plan, He can get Super Aggressive and can cause Damage to things, or can Hurt and Possible Kill people. He loves Possess Pups, coming up With Evil plans, And Destroying things. But However Hates People Messing with his Plans, Making Fun Of Him, and Getting Caught By Police and Going back to Villan Pup Prison. He Dislikes The PAW Patrol, The Puptatonix, and Dislikes How Evil Spirit Pup 4 gets Clumsy and Acts Nicely.

Appearance Edit

He Is Basically A Black Seeable Spirit Pup With Dark Blue Eyes And Dark Gray in His Ears.

CatchPhrases Edit

  • Let's Go Pups, We Got Some Possessing To Do
  • You Better Not Be Messing Around With Me !
  • Number 4 ... Your Not So Bright ... Your Dumb
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