Evil Spirit Pup 2 is a Protagonist of the Puptatonix and the PAW Patrol. In Part 1 she Possess Skye. She is a Female

Bio Edit

Evil Spirit Pup 2 is the only Female Pup in the Group. She is The 2nd in Charge of the Dark Spirt Shadow Clan if Evil Spirit Pup 1 isn't Available. Her job is to Possess or Hypnosis Pups or Humans Just like Evil Spirit Pup 1.

Personality Edit

Since Evil Spirit Pup 2 is the only Female in the Group, she can feel a little Unconformable around the other Boys. She is the Only one that is really Smart and Techy on things which makes the others Kinda Fight over her, But she doesn't like it when they fight over her. Evil Spirit Pup 2 can get a little Edgy and Mean when she is pushed to her Limits. But other wise she is Calm, Kind Of Patient, and Follows Directions and Rules Easily. But In Part 2, She gets all Evil and Mean when she Possess Skye.

Catchphrases Edit

  • Will You Boys Quit It !!! ( When The Boys Are Fighting Over Her )
  • Oh Boy ( When Evil Spirit Pup 4 Is Being Dumb and Making Evil Spirit Pup 1 Mad )
  • ( Rolls Eyes ) - ( Dose That A lot )
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