Kasey is The Boss/Leader for 5 Night's At kasey's, and Leader/Boss For The Puptatonix. She was the 1st One To Get Possessed by the 1 out of the 6 Evil Sirit Pups.

5 Night's At Kasey's Edit

Kasey is the Boss/Leader of the Group. She is the One that Plans the Attacks and Help keep everything going Smoothly. Whenever it reaches to 12AM She is the First one to be Possessed, then Snow Flake, Rosie, Skye, Belle, and Princess. She always Appear on the Left side of the Door every 23 Minutes. She is the only Pup that has Glowing eyes on the Poweroutage Song.

Puptatonix Edit

Kasey is also the Boss and the Leader for The Puptatonix Group. She is the one that Decides the 3 Songs, Pratice Times, The Singing Octives, The parts the Pups Sings, and The Instruments ( If Any ), That each Pup Plays. But However When Kasey, and the Rest Of the Girl Pups get Possessed, They only do 3 Concerts til they do get Unpossessed.

Appearence Edit

Kasey is a Grayish-Wolf Husky Pup. She has Dark Gray on the bottoms of her Paws, A Fluffy Tail, Light-Blue Eyes, and a Black Nose. ( Her Eyes Glow Light-Blue During The Poweroutage Song )

Catch Phrases Edit

5 Night's At kasey's :

  • ( Possessed ) - Let's Go Girls, Let's Go get The Boy's !
  • ( Possessed ) - You can Run, But You can't Hide !
  • ( After 6 AM ) - You Boys Ok !?
  • I Don't Like Being in Here !
  • (* Glowing Light-Blue Eyes *) - ( While Rosie, Belle, and Skye Does The Vocal Cord Power Outage Part )
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