SnowFlake is The Second in Charged if Kasey is Not Available. She is Kasey's Right Hand Partner in Office ( The Second Boss ). She also has one of the important Part in the Puptatonix.

5 Night's At Kasey's Edit

SnowFlake is The Second pup in Charged if Kasey is not Available. When it Reaches to 12AM She is the Second one to be Possessed. She always appears in a Vent that's Right above in the Office that the Boy's are in during Security Nights.

Puptatonix Edit

SnowFlake's Boss is Kasey. She has the Second important Octives while Singing above Princess. And Behind Skye. She alway Wears a Purple Dress, and sometimes Light-Purple. On Part 4 Of Pup's Becomes The Puptatonix, All The Girl Pups Recives a Gem Necklace from their Boy's. SnowFlake Reciveved a Purple Gem Necklace From Rocky.

Appearance Edit

SnowFlake is a Whitish Husky Pup, She has a Black Nose and Light-Blue Eyes

CatchPhrases Edit

5 Night's At Kasey's :

  • Let's Do It !
  • Grrrr They Won't Stay Away !

Do We Have To Do It ? - (* Before The Top One *)

Puptatonix :

  • Let's Get Ready To Sing !
  • I'm So Excited !
  • SnowFlake ready For Singing Action !
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