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Spooky Doo is the cousin of the famous Scooby-Doo and like the mystery inc Gang him and his friends solve mysteries and the group is of Frank Joes the leader Hannah Bake Barbra Dintson Shabby Robertsen and Spooky Doo

Biography Edit

They meet each other at a collage party and got into a fight after that they became friends and found out about a treasure and an evil demon to start Armagiddon but they stopped it and the culprit was one of the suspects the dean of the university

Behind the scenes Edit

Frank is voiced by Robbie Amell (Jimmy in True Jackson VP and fred of Scooby Doo the mystery begins and curse of the lake monster

Hannah is voiced by Grey delise griffen (Mandy of grim adventures of billy and Mandy dr Gasthly on Evil Con Carne lala lana and Lilly loud of the loud house and Daphne on Scooby doo)

Barbra is voiced by MIndy Cohn (From facts of life and Velma on Scooby doo)

Shabby is voiced by Matthew lillard (Known for Scream and Scooby Doo)

Spooky doo is voiced by Hadly Kay (Who did Scooby doo in the Johnny bravo episode bravo Dooby doo

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