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Information About The Puptatonix

The Puptatonix is a singing choir that's based on 7 Girl Pups. The genres they sing is Appella, Club/Dance, And Electronic. The Puptatonix is based in a city " Adventure Bay ". They are also known in the PAW Patrol Rescue Team. The members of the Puptatonix Singing Choir is: Rosey, Bella, Skye, Snowflake, And Kasey.They were active from 2012. They were brought together by Ryder, the leader of the PAW Patrol, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, And Zuma. The Puptatonix attends and preforms at Concerts, Go to T.V Interviews, and Radio interviews/Performances.

( The Puptatonix is based off of the Pentatonix, Their my Favorite Choir, So I Give them all the credit )

Stories They Appear In:

By Me:

The Girls Becomes The Puptatonix

Pups Saves The Puptatonix Concert

Pups And The Singing illness

By Others:

( More Coming Soon )

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